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Hyperdoma™: A High-Throughput Hybridoma Generation Platform

With the great progress in high-throughput screening technology,vwinhas developed the novel Hyperdoma™ platform,这是一个基于先进克隆虫系统的高通量杂交瘤产生和筛选平台。We offer first-class customized monoclonal antibody development services for research,diagnostic,以及治疗性抗体的发展。The powerful ClonePix system significantly increases the success rate of obtaining antibodies for challenging tasks,比如中和,blocking,as well as anti-idiotypic antibodies.


Conventional hybridoma preparation uses a polyethylene glycol (PEG)-mediated cell fusion procedure to merge spleen cells with myeloma cell fusion partners to form hybridoma.PEG介导的融合方法常常产生大量阳性的杂交瘤细胞。However,PEG介导方法的融合效率通常不足以发展具有挑战性的抗体,如治疗性抗体和抗独特型抗体。为了提高融合效率,产生更大的抗体筛选阳性克隆池,vwin创新生物实验室在Hyperdoma™平台中采用了电融合方法。

Electrofusion is a method that fuses spleen cells and myeloma cell通过电击。This fast-growing technique has been widely applied in the field of life science research,生物技术和医学。Using this method,融合效率高,成功率高,with as many as 10~104每次融合的阳性克隆。指数扩展的正克隆池显著提高了获得功能克隆的成功率。

High-Throughput Screening Systems

Hyperdoma™: A High-Throughput Hybridoma Generation Platform

Hybridoma screening,在此期间,鉴定出分泌功能性抗体的阳性杂交瘤克隆,是发现抗体的关键步骤。徳赢传统的筛选方法包括基于酶联免疫吸附试验和流式细胞术的细胞分类法。它们不适用于高通量应用,因为传统方法通常缺乏灵敏度和准确性,需要大量的时间和资源,有时会造成挑战(低表达水平抗原,膜蛋白,multi-chain protein complexes…).vwin创新生物实验室采用了几种创新的高通量筛选方法,这些方法与电融合系统兼容,以高效和全自动化的方式利用巨大的阳性克隆池。

ClonePix 2 is a highly automated system that accurately picks out and deposits positive hybridoma colonies for screening.该系统使用凝胶状基质来最小化群体运动,并利用机器人设计,它大大降低了群体干扰和人身伤害的风险,同时,increases workflow efficiency with fewer plate handling steps.

带有荧光扫描激光阅读器和独特的图像分析软件包,FMAT is a high-throughput analytical system that is suitable for homogeneous formats of both cell- or bead-based assays.The powerful red laser used by the FMAT® 8200 exerts unique excitation and emission wavelengths that minimizes the interferences of colored substances (e.g.color of the culture media in hybridoma cultures) in FMAT analysis.这项技术提供了一个高通量均匀检测抗原结合在杂交瘤细胞表面,以提供有关抗体的活性由相应的杂交瘤细胞分泌的指示。


vwin创新生物实验室采用并开发了利用celigo图像细胞仪进行的高通量细胞分析。which enables the direct imagery and analysis of live cells bound with antibodies.使用celigo图像细胞仪,研究人员可以直接鉴定与靶细胞表面抗原相互作用的抗体。在Celigo图像细胞仪中内置的高通量分析平台能够以大约9分钟/板的速度快速检测细胞板(一个亮场和两个荧光通道分析)。

Overlay of fluorescence images of AF594,PE,用细胞仪法测定纯化抗体和商业抗体的抗体浓度。Fig 2.Overlay of fluorescence images of AF594,PE,用细胞仪法测定纯化抗体和商业抗体的抗体浓度。(卢,M.2017)


目前80%以上的治疗抗体来自杂交瘤。与噬菌体展示等抗体开发技术相比,the antibodies secreted from hybridoma harness the power of natural hyper-mutation and sequence optimization that often exert high affinity and excellent stability.However,the limited size of the positive clone pool is often considered a caveat in the hybridoma approach.

The high-throughput Hyperdoma™ production platform fully utilizes the machinery of hybridoma to screen for the best antibodies for any research project and in the meantime,它的电融合和高通量筛选方法产生了一个扩大的阳性克隆池,大大增加了获得最合适克隆的机会。Hyperdoma™ is by far the most comprehensive and advanced hybridoma generation and screening system that drives hybridoma-based antibody 徳赢discovery into a brand-new era.


vwin在使用高通量hyperdoma™平台产生抗体方面具有丰富的经验。Our scientists are confident in offering the best services and vwin电子竞技products in a timely and cost-effective manner.Meanwhile,we also provide other various services regarding antibody development.Please feel free tocontact usfor more information.

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