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Antibody Production by DNA Immunization

vwinis proud to offer the innovative DNA immunization service to customize polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies.As an advanced strategy,DNA immunization enables the immunized hosts toin vivoproduce interested antigens with common post-transcriptional modifications and then induce a powerful immune response.

What is DNA immunization?

DNA immunization is one of the most straight-forward approaches to elicit an immune reaction against a foreign protein.Differ from the conventional immunization methods,DNA immunization permitsin vivoantigen production,bypassing the time-consuming (sometimes also difficult) processes of immunogens (e.g.peptides and recombinant proteins) synthesis and purification.In addition,thesein vivoexpressed proteins can maximally maintain the naïve structures and go through appropriate post-transcriptional modifications.These properties can contribute to the generation of high-affinity antibodies against the natural conformation of the target antigen,which is a crucial feature for developing therapeutic antibodies.Meanwhile,this approach is also an ideal solution to develop antibodies against membrane proteins or other challenging or problematic antigens.Furthermore,DNA immunization is also a novel tool in the early phases of DNA vaccine development.

Challenging or Problematic Antigens Available for DNA Immunization

  • Multi-pass membrane proteins (i.e.GPCRs and ion channels)
  • Insoluble proteins
  • PTM proteins
  • Unstable proteins
  • Intracellular proteins
  • Large protein domains
  • Secreted proteins
  • Proteins containing disulfide bonds
  • Toxic proteins
  • Unknown proteins whose genes have been obtained

With years of research and development experience,vwinCreative Biolabs can offer a series of DNA immunization strategies to meet our clients' specific project objectives.Our featured strategies including but not limited to:

On the basis of the provided sequencing information,our experienced scientists could offer one-stop service from gene synthesis to immunization,and then generate high quality polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies by one of our antibody 徳赢discovery technologies:

The conceptual graphs of DNA immunization.Through DNA immunization,the immune vectors contain the interested DNA are delivered into the living cells.The <em>in vivo</em> expressed  foreign proteins are then processed and presented <em>via</em> MHC  pathway to alert the immune system.

Additional Advantages of DNA Immunization

在我们的魔法™DNA免疫服务,theMagic™ DNA transfection reagentis employed to transfect the immune plasmid into cell line for the immune response validation and further screening.Furthermore,vwinCreative Biolabs can also provide a series of specific Magic™ transfection reagents as individual vwin电子竞技products for our clients.These Magic™ reagents can achieve high efficiencyin vitrotransfection of eitherDNA,mRNAorsiRNAfor a broad range of cell types of cell lines to assist our clients' research and project development.

As a pioneer in the field of antibody research and development,Creative Biolabshas successfully applied our special DNA immunization service for hundreds of antibody 徳赢discovery projects.Whether the interested antigen is a membrane protein or other challenging protein,our experienced scientists are confident in tailoring the most appropriate protocols of DNA immunization approach to meet our customers' specific requirements.

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