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To provide五万services and vwin电子竞技products to global scientific research units every year

In Vitro显示和其他服务

vwincan offer multiplein vitrodisplay services with our advanced technique platforms and the most professional proposal to support our customers' significant research.Except our well-recognizedphage display services,vwincan also applyyeast display, bacterial display,ribosome display,mammalian cell displayand other services to achieve each specific research goal.

体外显示代表了一系列新兴的创新技术,以快速分离和发展特定的高亲和力结合肽和蛋白质最感兴趣的目标分子。Various types of peptide and proteinbinders are being selected with such technologies for biotechnological andmedical applications.As alternatives to antibodies in the development ofmolecular targeting drugs,these peptides and proteins with high affinity andspecificity for a desired target have received significant attention.Theseapplications have included affinity maturation and stability improvement,selection for enzymatic activity,display of cDNA and random peptide libraries,and extended into a broad field of antibody engineering,synthetic enzymes,proteomics and cell-free protein synthesis.

Nomatter which kind ofin vitrodisplay technology,thelinkage of displayed peptides and proteins from phenotype to genotype is the mostfundamental concept.这种直接联系存在于所有类型的in vitrodisplay technology,such asbacterial display,yeast display and ribosome display.It achieves a stericproximity by establishing compartments in a water-oil emulsion,and alsonaturally established on a cellular level by arrangement of plasma membrane,cytoplasmand nucleus,enabling selection for favorable properties.Combinedwith the library contains numerous gene 变体,in vitrodisplaytechnologies can take full advantage of the 徳赢discovery of new biological entities.In this field,vwinis deservingexpert who masters thesein vitrodisplay technologies.

vwinhasyears of research and development experience in the field ofin vitro显示。我们经验丰富的科学家精通应用in vitrodisplay technologies and picking the most appropriateprocedures to promote our clients' research and project.我们保证提供最合适的服务和最好的产品来满足最特殊的要求。vwin电子竞技

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