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Magic™ Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression

Creative Biolabsnow offers first-class membrane protein expression service using cell-based membrane protein expression system.拥有数十年的膜蛋白生产经验,我们的高品质,well-tailored services are well-received worldwide by our customers.

Magic™ Cell-based Membrane Protein Expression

Membrane proteins partially interact with or completely embed into the cell membrane.They participate in a wide variety of biological processes including ligand-receptor binding,信号转导,分子输送,细胞间识别和细胞粘附,等。特别感兴趣的,they constitute around 50-60% of current drug targets,mainlyGPCRs,ion channels,转运蛋白.鉴于其在生物研究和制药行业的重要性,there have existed a few long-term obstacles in membrane protein studies.Conventional over-expression methods meet bottlenecks in sufficient expression levels,适当的翻译后修饰,多聚化,purification,and most importantly,preservation of native conformation and bio-activity,which dramatically hampers the progress of membrane protein research.

基于创新技术和丰富经验,我们开发了多种基于细胞的表达平台,旨在克服膜蛋白生产的主要困难。The expression platforms are highly dynamic for the multiple options of host organisms to fulfill diverse custom demands,including:

起点可能相当灵活(基因序列,cDNA,virus,cell,tissue),我们可以进行表达,purification,稳定,以及使用拉刀范围的方法描述。多亏了我们优秀的研发团队的努力,利用一系列新的试剂为具有天然构象和足够生物活性的全长膜蛋白的产生提供了一个非变性的环境。我们定制的膜蛋白产品完全可以满足抗体开发的需要,vwin电子竞技structural determination,functional and mechanism studies,以及各种其他应用。

表达系统 提前期 生长培养基 Protein Folding Post-Translational Modifications
e.大肠杆菌细胞 快速的 简单的,廉价的 可能需要重新折叠 No
Photosynthetic bacteria cells 快速的 简单的,廉价的 可能需要重新折叠 No
酵母细胞 Moderately rapid 简单的,廉价的 可能需要重新折叠 Yes
杆状病毒昆虫细胞 Relatively slow Moderate Complex,昂贵的 Proper folding 是(不是全部)
哺乳动物细胞 Relatively slow Moderate Complex,昂贵的 Proper folding Yes

vwin现在为全球客户提供专业的细胞蛋白表达服务。Our seasoned scientists are always ready to off first-class assistance to best facilitate our clients' research goals.As an alternative,vwinalso providesMagic™ Cell-free Membrane Protein Expressionservice.请随意调查us for further discussions.


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