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To provide50000services and vwin电子竞技products to global scientific research units every year

Antibody Labeling Services

CreativeBiolabscan offer various antibody labelingservices to help our customers obtain their very own labeled antibodies.Ourtechnical scientists can not only save the valuable time,but also providehighly stable and qualified vwin电子竞技products for our clients all over the world.

Labelledantibodies have become essential research tools in the biological researches aswell as diagnostics.Since antibodies have been widely used to detect and quantifyantigens,a large amount of demands of labeled antibody have generated.Currently,a variety kinds of labels are available to be used,such as organic dyes,fluorescent proteins,colored particles,enzymes and other potential bioactivemolecules which have unique properties to produce measurable signal under theappropriate conditions.For instance,horseradish peroxidase (HRP) andalkaline phosphatase (ALP) can be attached as signal-generating molecules viathe specific reaction they catalyze,while fluorescentlabels are detected by microscopy equipment under excitation at specificwavelengths.

With appropriate strategy,variouslabels can be linked to specific antibodies.In general,four modes of labellingstrategies can be used tothe antibody molecules,which include linkages occur through charged amino acids,carbohydrate moieties,sulfhydryl groups and tyrosine residues.Indetail,charged amino acids are abundant and wildly distributed on the outersurface of antibodies,however the modification may interfere with the functionof antibody;carbohydrate moieties are generally found on the highlyglycosylated Fc region which are distant from the antigen recognition site,while required more attention to the oxidation steps;sulfhydryl groups containson cysteine residues,the modification may not damage the specificity but mayaffect the avidity;tyrosine residues canbe specifically iodinated as radioactive label,although has fallen out offavor.Due to the different advantages and shortcomings,choosing or combiningsuitable strategies are critical to build up an ideal labeled antibody.Becauseof the ability to image multiple antigens in a single cell or tissue section,labelled antibodies has allowed many elegant and valuable experiments to be performedand expanded their applications to a variety of immunoassays,such as flowcytometry,ELISA,western blotting and immunohistochemistry.Nowadays,vwinis able to provide novellabelled antibodies suitable for customers' particular application needs.

Asan acknowledged biotechnology provider,vwinis noted for its first-class services,strictly controlled vwin电子竞技products and customer oriented philosophy.By leveragingyears of antibody labeling expertise,our scientists are able to provide a wideselection of services for bothresearch and commercial use with the best quality at the most competitive price.

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