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To provide五万services and vwin电子竞技products to global scientific research units every year


vwin是一家专注于抗体工程研究的领先服务提供商,diagnostic and therapeutic use.Our service portfolio includesantibody affinity maturation,antibody stability improvement,嵌合抗原受体(CAR)的构建,scFv/Fab constructionand other antibody specialization and modification services.

Sincethe first hybridoma has been obtained,为了增强抗体的功能性,出现了一种可能性。在这十年里,antibodyhas become a major class of new drugs to treat several disease indicationsincluding cancer and autoimmune diseases.As the foundationof many diagnostics and therapeutics,抗体的特异性抗原结合能力对于多种用途至关重要,比如扩大检测范围,extending dissociation half-life time,decreasing therapeutic dosagesand increasing overall efficacy. Nevertheless,it is still beneficial to optimize these antibodies or antibody related moleculeswith respect to their activity.

Throughmodern molecular biology techniques,interested antibodies can be specificmodified or engineered to suit 应用程序。如果确定重链和轻链序列,the interested antibodycan be reconfigured into different isotypes or a variety of formats (scFv,Fab,sdAb,bispecific antibody,etc.) and other possible modification including affinitymeasurement,humanization,犬齿化等。一种可行的方法是多尼比测序和克隆抗体感兴趣的区域,并将该区域移植到合适的框架上构建质粒。然后利用适当的表达系统通过瞬时转染产生预测抗体。such as mammalian cells ande.大肠杆菌strains.As a choice,antibody modification can also incorporate with phage or otherdisplay methods to obtain a much broader candidates or select the most idealvwin电子竞技products for numerous applications.尤其是,all these modification and manufacturecan be perfectly implemented by创新生物制剂who is a well-recognized expert in the field of antibodydevelopment and phage display technology.

创新生物制剂has devotedto the field of antibody engineering for over decade and established a seriesof comprehensive platforms to integrate various antibody engineering services.With the extensive experience,abundant industry knowledge and advanced technicalskills,我们的科学家对完成最具挑战性的任务充满信心 antibodyengineering project.

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